Senses are fading into emotions

Event planner Selin Saral and flower designer Mehmet Dikbaş have been working together since 2013 to share and consolidate their expertise in their own field.

‘Inside Flowers and Events’ is gathering under a single roof the professionality of event and organization planning experience with the magical power of flowers.

Consisting of qualified designer, architects and executive producers, Inside Flowers & Events is transforming its projects and designs to a sustainable art worthy assets.

Event & Organization

Inside Flowers & Events brings into life the exquisite taste of special hosts with delicate attention into details.


Our custom designed boxes are decorated with tropical and rare flowers. We bring the world’s highest quality cacao beans for our cholocate’s production so that you can share this taste with your loved ones in your wedding organizations and special occasions.


After long hours of research and work with our fragrance experts, we have created the Inside essence.

The ultimate idea is to address your sense of smell with this odour in all of our projects.  This exact smell that welcomes you in our stores has been patented. We bring to life our essence with candle designs imported from all over the world. We work with ultimate care to make your special events the most exquisite one.


We design flower arrangements of rare types of flowers  which takes its colours from the tropical climate. We ornate this beauty with precious objects and present them to your emotions.

With Love…